Time Management Is it Managing You

Time Management

Time Management and Your Business

Do you feel like your day is passing you by? Do you feel like you can’t catch up ? Do you feel there are so many interruptions in your day that you can’t get everything done? Well, then welcome to the club. Time management can be difficult but it can be done. It’s just knowing how.

There was a time when time management ¬†was a huge challenge for me. That was until I decided it was time to get my time back. Let me tell you it will hard at first but you must do it. People will try to suck up your time if you let them. They have all the time in the world to do nothing. They don’t have your goals and vision’s you do.

I know you are probably saying how do I do that ? How do I do it effectively. How do I tell people I need my time? Well, it is easy. You need to tell you family, friends or even team members that you are available after a certain time and that in order to get done what you need to do you must limit the time spent on things that are not income producing.

Explain to them what you are trying to accomplish . Explain how much this means to you.If they are supportive of you they will understand. If not that is too bad because you need to stay focused in order to get the job done.


Tips for Time Management for your Business


1-Plan out your day the day before.

2-Prioritize the most important things that need to be done first.

3-Plan for the unplanned.

4-Turn off all distraction.Yes Facebook…lol.

5-Get focused.

6-Make sure you schedule time to take breaks.

7-Make sure you schedule time to eat.

8-If you can’t get something done today add it to tomorrow’s schedule as soon as possible.

9-Carry a planner with you at all times so you can schedule things as they come up.

10-Remember to have “FUN”


Once you start on the road to proper time management you will not turn back!

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